Things Your Dildo Can That You Never Knew About

18 Oct

Things Your Dildo Can That You Never Knew About

The sex toy industry is growing faster than most of us can make room in our nightstands, but it’s not just because we’re talking about orgasm equality and sexual pleasure in a way that we never have before. It’s because sex toys (and first among them, vibrators) are touted as the remedy to everything from low self-esteem to insomnia, menstrual cramps to chronic dryness. 

Dildos are officially a wellness commodity. Check out dildo sex toy Malaysia.

That isn’t (necessarily) a bad thing. Orgasms are tied to all sorts of positive health outcomes, including more restful night’s sleep (thanks, prolactin) and pain relief (thanks to you, too, endorphins). Orgasms have more benefits than we currently even know, and if most people with clitorises are only having orgasms when their clits are stimulated, it stands to reason that we’re going to turn to tools (like dildos) to help out. Globally, the sex toy market is predicted to grow by 9.92 billion USD by 2023. A big contributor to that growth is a shift in our belief system from “sex toys are dirty” to “sex toys are healthy” and toy companies are investing heavily in that messaging.

So, here are the benefits that I’ve seen sex toy companies advertise — and if dildos actually can help with them in a meaningful way. 


There are nights where you’re happy to be up until dawn and then there are the nights where you’re asking yourself “how the hell did I get here?” If you find yourself in that second group more often than not, you might experience insomnia, a sleep disorder characterized by the inability to fall (or stay) asleep. 

Orgasms lower your level of cortisol (a hormone related to stress) and also release prolactin. The combination of the two hormonal shifts can help you feel much more relaxed, which in turn can actually help you fall asleep and actually stay asleep

Chronic Dryness

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (The answer is always ‘no one cares’, btw). Chronic vaginal dryness is uncomfortable AF, and it’s not something that just affects people going through menopause. 

You might experience chronic vaginal dryness if you’re taking antidepressants or allergy medication, as a result of chronic yeast infections or using harsh soaps on your vulva, if you’re taking hormonal birth control or are on testosterone therapy, if you’re simply dehydrated, or…for a lot of other reasons. In short, your vagina might be persistently dry at some point — even when you’re feeling thirsty.

One 2016 study of 70 (cisgender) women found that two-thirds of participants experienced increased vaginal lubrication after using a dildo for three months. 

The verdict: Using a dildo could help your vagina produce more lubrication on its own.

The caveat: You should always use a lubricant when you use a dildo, otherwise you risk creating tiny tears in your skin, which could actually lead to more irritation longterm. So, stock up on a good-quality lube first.


If you feel like orgasms always elude you, then you may be experiencing anorgasmia — or simply put, a lack of orgasms. Anorgasmia can be caused by oodles of things, from stress and a history of trauma to reduced nerve response and you or your partners simply not knowing how to help you reach orgasm. 

Dildos provide intense stimulation, so if you’ve struggled to reach orgasm (and you want to have one), adding a dildo to your sexual toolkit can help. 

The verdict: A dildo might help with this, but it’s not as simple as it seems.

The caveat: Depending on what the root cause is, a dildo might not help you reach orgasm. It’s worth a shot, but if it doesn’t help you, that’s okay too. 

Menstrual Cramps

Ugh. Ibuprofen, heating pads, and epsom salt baths can only take us so far, so it would be pretty awesome if dildo could help with menstrual cramps. And, thanks to a combination of pelvic floor contractions and endorphins released during orgasm, they can! 

The verdict: Yes, if you have orgasms with your dildo, it might help relieve period cramps. 

The caveat: If you typically experience cramping or slight pain during or after orgasm, then using a dildo during your period might make you feel even more uncomfortable. …

autoclaved aerated concrete malaysia 10 Oct

What Is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete And What Are Its Advantages In Architecture?

Since its invention in the 1920s, aerated concrete has addressed the search for an industrial material that would present the characteristics of wood such as its lightness, cutting and perforation capacity and avoid some of its disadvantages such as water absorption and need of maintenance. Today, autoclave cured aerated concrete blocks (HCCA) are actively present on the market by manufacturers, constituting a simple and efficient construction system. If you have wondered how to build with these masonry, it is pertinent to investigate a little more about the advantages of this material.


Ready-made autoclaved aerated concrete blocks are obtained by firing in specially equipped furnaces, called autoclave ones. Inside, the material is subjected to a pressure of up to 12 atmospheres and a temperature of about 190 ° C. Thanks to this processing, the gas block hardens faster and becomes more durable than a non-autoclave. During firing, the building material changes its molecular structure. In the end, aerated concrete becomes similar to the volcanic rock tobermorite.

Before using non-autoclave blocks, they are kept for about one month. By autoclaving in the oven, the material will set faster. Autoclave blocks are produced exclusively at factories of large firms, since expensive equipment and spacious premises are required. The production of autoclaved aerated concrete malaysia requires factory conditions, adherence to a clear technology, certain temperatures and pressure in the furnace. Such gas blocks are made in accordance with GOST.

Composition Of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

The porous structure of block products is formed by spherical pores. Their size varies from 1 to 3 mm. The quality of the building material will depend on the uniformity of distribution of air particles over the area of the stone and on the type of their closure.

autoclaved aerated concrete malaysia

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Has A Standard Composition. The Raw Materials Include The Following Elements:

  • Substances for binding: quicklime, ash, blast-furnace slag in granules;
  • Portland cement;
  • Quartz sand of fine fraction;
  • Purified water without the presence of salts;
  • Pore-forming substances: aluminum powder or paste with active metal from 90%.

Various additives and modifiers are not required to be added, however, they significantly improve the operating characteristics of the building material. Gypsum prevents the quick setting of the solution, and the powder accelerates the formation of porosity in the block.


Autoclaved aerated concrete blocks have convenient dimensions and are laid much faster than conventional building bricks. Aerated concrete has a high fire resistance: it does not ignite quickly and excludes the evaporation of substances harmful to humans. This is an environmentally friendly material that is not capable of harming health.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Has The Following Features And Advantages:

  • Blocks are made exclusively in large-scale production conditions, observing the ideal proportions of the components, following certain stages.
  • Products for a long time cannot grow moldy, are resistant to harmful bacteria, since they are produced on the basis of mineral raw materials.
  • Buildings made of such building materials help owners to save well on heating. Aerated concrete perfectly conducts heat and retains it.
  • Light weight significantly facilitates and speeds up construction work.

The product has good sound insulation. The ideal solution for multi-apartment buildings and for rooms in which it is necessary to isolate extraneous noise.…

Time internet Malaysia 6 Sep

The Impact of The Internet On Our Lives

The Internet is a new platform for communication. The rapid development of the Internet, has many functions, is convenient and fast. It is attracting the attention of people around the world. The rapid development of the Internet affects every aspect of people’s lives.

Facing the convenience of the Internet, we rely on it more and more. The influence brought by the Internet information network is multifaceted, multi-angle and multi-level. The Internet is the development direction of the times, its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Time internet Malaysia

First, the Internet removes information barriers. What we want to learn, what we want to do, what we want to know, they basically can be solved from the Internet. The Internet has made learning very cheap. People who can learn by themselves and love to study can grow up quickly and become more and more excellent, so that the gap between people becomes bigger. Now, the world needs more professional, but also more comprehensive talent, and the Internet provides everyone with such learning opportunities.

Then, the Internet expanded the circle of friends. The Internet allows you to make friends without geographical restrictions, and you can get in touch with more outstanding people. With the growing popularity of the Internet, there are many social networking sites and some instant messaging tools. The Internet allows people to find their favorite circles and favorite people. On the contrary, there are many scammers on the Internet, so it is important to have the ability to identify.

Besides, the Internet enriches our spare time. The Internet has a profound impact on our social life, and there is a lot of entertainment online. Movies, sports events, games and so on, these entertainment activities can be watched on the Internet, which is an important influence of the Internet to us. At the same time, buying tickets for these events online facilitates people’s participation in entertainment activities.

In addition, the Internet has greatly improved our work efficiency. The Internet allows us to reduce the cost of acquiring knowledge, reduce the cost of improving the ability to work, and improve the efficiency of work. At the same time, we also established a good relationship through the Internet. For example, Time Internet Malaysia offers fast wireless networks that make our work more efficient.

Finally, the Internet makes shopping easier and more convenient. You can shop without leaving home. It can be done by online transfer. Traditional shopping can involve pushing your way through crowds or spending a lot of time in the checkout line. While online shopping will make all this easier and time-saving.

The Internet, especially social networks, has greatly shortened the distance between people and provided a convenient platform for our life, study and work. But using the Internet for a long time also brings us physical and mental diseases. Long-term addiction to the network, will delay normal life, is not conducive to people’s physical and mental health, especially teenagers. Therefore, we should take active control of the Internet in our lives and use it properly to maximize its value. Otherwise, we become the passive party, dominated by the evils of the Internet.…

Damansara Utama 2 Sep

Real Estate Promotional Essentials

When promoting a beautiful estate in Damansara Utama, what do you think are the promotional items they use to close the deal? Are they going to give a free trial to live in the home? Probably not. But what are the things real estate agents and realtors can do to revamp their marketing and promotional efforts? Let’s take a look! 

Give-Aways During Open Houses 

Real estate giveaways often happen to be extremely cliche. They can be candies wrapped up in custom packaging of the real estate firm’s name. Or it can be tiny refrigerator magnets that have the picture of the house along with the name of the real estate agency. It also can be anything with your business’s logo on it. But some people take it as an additional step gift and do giveaways for their clients who pop into the open house. People remember kind gestures such as giveaways. It is the power of loving anything that is free. More often than not, any free item that is given with a smile and a kind gesture is well appreciated by the customer. They are also more likely to remember your open house among the many others they have seen already. As a realtor, our job is to sell and sell even more! So what better than a giveaway to make sure you are memorable. It is also the perfect way to spread word of mouth. 

Revamp The Social Media Presence 

As part of your marketing and promotions, it is absolutely essential to include social media. Social media is one of the best ways to create a presence among your target market. You can rely on your messages in so many different ways and create value for potential buyers and clients through valuable content. The keyword here is “valuable”. People do not come to social media to shop for houses or to sell houses. So the only job of social media is to attract customers by providing content that is valuable to them. You can give them educational content on the properties, give free online tours, teach them, make videos and write blogs. Nothing sells better than a powerful blogpost copy and a social media ad copy. Another important part of social media promotional efforts is they instill trust and cultivate the relationship you have between you and your potential customers. 

Damansara Utama

Thoughtful Closing Gifts 

So you finally managed to close the deal? One of the best ways to keep your business going is to get referrals and word of mouth carried on from your closed deal clients. A memorable way to commemorate the sale is to by giving them a gift and this gift should be something that is thoughtful. A lot about real estate marketing is about understanding your clients and personalizing them. So it is no surprise that this promotional item also has to be personal. This can be a kid-friendly gift, a pet-friendly gift, or even some accessories for the brand new home. No matter what, be thoughtful in the gift and you will reward for the action. …

products for babies Malaysia 29 Jul

A guide when Shopping for Infant products.

Baby Spending Plan

You should also think about your budget before going into a baby store because there are many accessible products that might quickly shatter your bank account if you allow them. Make sure you pick intelligently so you don’t end up regretting anything in the long term. If feasible, inquire about discount offers as well, since many baby retailers provide discounts on specific baby goods. However, luxury brands like Uppababy, Bugaboo, Diono, and Nuna are usually excluded from discounts. Even if this is your first-time shopping for a baby product, if you follow these instructions, you will have no trouble choosing the best baby store online and offline.

The Harsh Reality Of Limited Resources

Not many parents can manage to acquire everything their child requires from pricey baby stores, particularly if this is your first time becoming a parent. Even then, you do not need to be concerned because there are numerous reliable and trusted baby stores that sell low-cost but high-quality products, allowing you to save money while still getting what you require in the long run. These sorts of baby shops typically provide a variety of products inside a single store, resulting in reduced travel time when purchasing clothes, toys, strollers, cribs, and other equipment that your child may want in the future.

Not many parents can manage to acquire everything their child requires from pricey baby stores, particularly if this is your first time becoming a parent. Even then, you do not need to be concerned because there are numerous reliable and trusted baby stores that sell low-cost but high-quality products, allowing you to save money while still getting what you require in the long run. These sorts of baby shops typically provide a variety of products inside a single store, resulting in reduced travel time when purchasing clothes, toys, strollers, cribs, and other equipment that your child may want in the future.

Products for babies Malaysia

Before you buy, do some research.

Publications or other types of news media are a good source of parent knowledge because they are easy to carry and read and contain many fascinating dialogues regarding parenting concerns on various topics such as coming to grips with high fevers, using baby monitors, and tips on picking the ideal childcare services if you need help during duty days. Publications are also widely available and widely distributed regionally, so if you discover one with beneficial material, don’t forget to subscribe to it so that you may obtain the most up-to-date and finest infant care tips every month.

Whenever you go shopping at your favorite baby store, it’s a good idea to check out a solid internet resource for infant information. Raising a healthy infant should be one of every parent’s top concerns, therefore it’s critical to understand what your child needs, especially when they have no one else to turn to for advice and assistance throughout their formative years. It will also help you improve your parenting abilities, giving you more confidence to handle things on your own while understanding you are taking better care of your kid.

if your are looking for products for babies in Malaysia, please check out Pigeon!…

unifi pakej di malaysia 25 Jun

Perfect Time For The Time Broadband Malaysia

For most of us, the only way to increase upstream speed is to change the technology used to access the Internet, if that’s possible! As you have noticed, when everyone is at home, it’s not always easy to telecommute! It can be very difficult to adapt to this new practice and to remain efficient when you are several connected at the same time on the Internet. This is why it is essential to have an irreproachable Internet connection, the unifi pakej di malaysia!

What Type Of Internet Connection To Choose For Teleworking

Box, Fiber Or ADSL, There Is Much To Be Confused

The experts of boutique-box-internet advise to use an Internet comparator in order to find the offer which suits you.

As with everything, it is important to know what you are getting into before choosing a supplier. There are also a lot of internet access options on the market which can make the task even more complex.

Why Do A Fiber Eligibility Test

For optimal Internet access, very high speed and very fast, we recommend optical fiber. It’s the fastest connection on the market! Unfortunately, it is not accessible to all because it is a fairly expensive device, but also and above all, because fiber is not available everywhere (we are thinking in particular of sparsely populated rural areas): its deployment is gradual. 

Before any research, it is important to know if you are eligible for fiber. The experts at Boutique Box Internet therefore advise carrying out an eligibility test to determine whether your accommodation is compatible with its installation. This test is done online very quickly! 

According to the site, there are several choices of operators for fiber. Prices obviously vary depending on the offer. 

ADSL Connection

The ADSL connection is the most common type of connection in France. An ADSL Internet box is easy to install since it suffices to request that the line be opened and to connect the equipment to the telephone socket of the accommodation.

The ADSL box offers a relatively good speed for working remotely but its power will be lower than optical fiber , which remains the type of connection to be favored if you want to telecommute in the best conditions.…

27 May

Ways in Improving Your Football Betting

Have you been frustrated because you have been losing a lot lately in football betting? Well, it is indeed annoying when we are losing most of the time, even if we know that in gambling, you can expect a lot of losses. But sometimes, we feel that we are the unluckiest person on earth. Is this how you feel as well? Do you wish you can find a way so you will not lose that much again? 

When it comes to beli magnum 4d online though, you have to be ready for everything and you have to accept the outcome. Emotional betting is not a good idea as well as chances are, you will even lose more. So, how can you improve your betting? Here are some tips:

  • The thing when you are betting is you are not really fighting against the other players, but rather, the bookies. Yes, as they are the ones who pay you when you win, their goal is for you not to win. Thus, they post the topmost popular bets so their clients will most likely go with them. While it’s okay to also agree to them once in awhile, there are also times when it is better to go against the grain and see what will happen. 
  • You need to have a staking plan before you bet. This is highly advisable so you will know in case your primary plans won’t work. This is for you to not get lost along the way and not to get carried away in case you lose or you win. 
  • Another thing that you can do is not to bet when there is no value of the market offers. If you need to just breakeven with the bookies because they are getting a big cut in a particular game, it is best to skip. After all, there are still a lot of games and you can always bet another day or maybe, after awhile. 
  • Try to stay away from the top leagues as this is where the bookies might not notice you and thus you will find more value. Yes, this is what seasoned bettors are doing and it might be worth a shot!

When you are a beginner in sports betting, it is just right to fish for some tips, especially when they come from the experts as you will surely learn a lot. 

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Kajang 17 May

On-Campus Or Off-Campus Accommodation – For Fellow University Students

Many contemplation many university students stumble upon is to decide between residing in an on-campus or off-campus accommodation throughout their program. Both come with their respective benefits depending on individuals’ perspective, you win some and you lose some. Yet in this very article, we aim to highlight on the upsides residing in an on-campus accommodation, or most referred to as the hostel, and below are the justifications. 


Living in the campus hostel is fairly cost-effective especially for students who are leading a budget lifestyle. With that little amount of fees you pay, you get a plethora of facilities in return without additional fees needed. This includes the utilization of pantry equipment, though limited but still feasible to be used; water and electricity; janitor services; so on and so forth. Suppose you were to reside in an off-campus unit in Kajang, you are required to afford these features. Of course, benefits of this sort vary across universities. 

Better Security 

While private residential areas possess great security systems with guards assigned in almost every corner possible; it is said that on-campus hostels are sturdier and stricter in their security system. The reason being the university management sees more responsibility taking care of the students’ wellbeing. Anything befalling the students are capable of jeopardizing the image and reputation of the university. In addition to that, there are emergency contacts you can reach out to amidst emergency, the authorities are just a call away from aiding. 

Fulfilling Experiences 

By availing yourself of on-campus accommodation, you have more opportunities to obtain experiences available in your university because you are situated near the locations of where campus-events and activities are being organized. You thereby see more motivation getting yourself involved in these kinds of activities. While those residing in external residential areas could participate the same, it is seen that those residing in hostels are more active in campus events. If you are looking forward to gaining experiences beyond your course of studies, you may want to stay in your campus hostels. 


Apart from residential facilities, you are able to utilise the campus’ facilities 24/7 provided you are allowed to use them past working hours. By way of illustration, you may approach the 24 hour common area to prepare for your exams if you do not feel like doing so in your room. Studying in such an environment where you are surrounded by a bunch of people who are in similar pursuit gives you a greater amount of motivation. 

Bottom Line

At the very end of the day, you are entitled to your own choice whether it is to reside in campus hostels or private residences as they come with their own attributes you can surely benefit off. If you are financially capable, you may want to purchase a house of your own in Kajang. …

forex broker indonesia reviews 17 May

How To Choose Trustable Forex Brokers

In the foreign exchange market, everything can happen. This is because the market is primarily online and everything can go haywire with one mistake in the technological system. In order to avoid this from happening, there are a lot of things that you as a budding trader can keep a close eye to in order to not repeat the same mistakes. To do trading on your own, especially when you are a new flesh in the industry, is a very brave yet clueless move to take, especially in the pandemic where finances can be tight. This is because online trading is all about strategies and tips. If you are new in the market, where would you be learning the designated tricks that people have up on their sleeves from? This is why you will be needing a good coaching from the best forex brokers you can ever lay your money on, in this particular industry. 

forex broker indonesia reviews

As you have no idea and no experience at all doing foreign exchange, it is never wrong and never too late to dip your feet in to test the water condition or in this particular scene, the market stock. It can be buzzing with updates and frantic trading happening but it can also die down very quietly before it goes up again. That is how forex trading mostly happens. Before you choose to do trading, you need to choose a good pair of countries to make trade of. 

Well in this case, only with good brokers will they then help you navigate your way around to help maximising your profits even with a small amount of investment. 

Many people believe in the myth of more expensive brokers means that they will never betray and break your trust. This article is written with intentions of debunking your false belief because not every company rotates around that concept. Many are found to be scammed out in the daylight with the money they have paid because of the baseless foundation of trust being put blindly on the brokers. 
For beginners, you can start with analyzing forex brokers which go by with low-cost fees. This is not a rare sight but one false move and you might be sucked into the wrong side of the industry and get stripped out of your money. What you can do is run a good background check and also take a peek into their offers. A good and averagely operated broker company will provide you with tools but only those that are worth the transactions. They will also take a little amount of charge from the transactions you make because they will be putting a few percentage from your trade. This can be a win-win situation for both sides if you look at the brighter side. Both parties, you and the trading companies are laying good trust on both which mean the possibility of you getting cheated on is a lot lesser. As Indonesian market is currently buzzing with trades, you can find many good brokers and their companies at forex broker Indonesia reviews.…

4 May

Gutter Installation In Malaysia

You are in the right place because in RGS Gutter Company you will find products of the highest quality and made with the best possible materials. In addition, so many decades of experience have given us the empirical look that is needed to optimize a product over and over again. That is why it is sure that these gutters will satisfy all your expectations and all your needs. There are many gutter companies, but none with expert experience and know-how.

In addition, it is not only a question of quality. Here you will also find the variety of gutters you need to find what suits you best in any circumstance. It is another point to which experts have paid a lot of attention in recent years: multiplying the options to provide a wider range of solutions. That is why builders know that they can come to us for gutter installation.

Gutter companies

Gutters have an essential function in buildings. They are responsible for channeling water, as well as other liquid substances, to other points, which prevents waterlogging and even flooding of roofs.

Gutter installation

Is it mentioned before? RGS Maintenance is much more than just a gutter shop. In fact, clients are provided with a much more complete service that covers all phases of the process. In that sense, one of the most important is installation. After all, and no matter how good a product is, installed incorrectly can partially or totally lose its effectiveness, both functional and aesthetic. That’s why RGS Maintenance take care of the gutter installation.

Specifically, RGS professionals load them onto the trucks, transport them to the spaces that require them and proceed with a professional installation. An installation with which you will have the assurance that the gutters will work properly for years and without giving any type of problem. It is not the result of chance. RGS includes the installation of gutters because it seeks your global satisfaction. RGS Maintenance cannot limit them solely to selling them to you. RGS Maintenance want to be there for you.

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1 May

Benefits Of Online Business In Malaysia

Most of the youngsters would have dreamed of their future while studying. Some sons may have thought that after getting a job, they would save some money and take their parents for Umrah. But with the sudden loss of a job, all dreams of the future are shattered in an instant. Therefore, doing business is safer than doing a job. Business can change your life within a short period of time while a job cannot make you rich.

Online business benefits

Online business has many benefits and this online business can make your future bright and successful. While doing online business you can benefit from social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. Before starting any kind of business, make sure to set up a website in this regard, as the current era is of technology, most customers prefer to get information about the product from the internet before buying and selling, so if Having a website will make a good impression on customers. If you can’t create a website, list all your services by making patches on social networks.

Placing orders

When placing an order, be sure to only accept orders that you are confident you will be able to fulfil on time. Don’t be tempted to accept large orders, because you may not be able to fulfil them or you may need to lower the standard, in which case your reputation will be tarnished. Hard work, patience and perseverance play a key role in making any business successful working sites. 

When accepting an order, be sure to take the money, because if the customer does not come later, you will have to bear the loss. Also, keep in mind that you can’t make everyone happy. Everyone’s tastes and preferences are different, what one person likes doesn’t have to be liked by another. That’s why it’s important to keep variety in everything you prepare, so that everyone’s tastes are satisfied.  Different people look at the same thing differently, many people value packaging, while some focus on quality, but you never compromise on quality. Because doing so will damage your reputation.  What will you do if you enter the shop, there is a shopkeeper in fair clothes, he greets you with a sigh or does not give you something you like? Definitely going to another store. ” This is the case with all customers. Always present your items with patience, smile and cheerfulness, it is very important to understand the customer’s needs and take interest in them, these are the things that will make the customer come to you again and again. There is a saying that always smiling does not cost you anything, but the fact is that you can get a lot out of it.

Online anime merchandise business

Doing online anime merchandise business is also very profitable and money-making. Anime merchandise is the heart of many kids living in every house of your country, so communicating with most people online can be very useful for your business. But before starting an anime merchandise store in Malaysia you have to be very careful because you are going to compete with click here for more info on anime merchandise Malaysia.

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1 May

Scented Candles And Moods


Scented candles amazingly affect our moods. Whether you are in the mood for relaxing or dancing all night, candles are the perfect way to create the mood you want. That’s because scented candles use the power of aromatherapy to send powerful signals to your brain and your mind responds in kind with just the mood you are trying to set. Whether you are trying to relax or romance that special someone, luxury scented candles also use the power of lighting and the power of beautiful colour to help you set the right pace. What mood do you want to set tonight? Why not consider:

Role of scented candles in Romantic environment

Set the tone for loving with candles. Candles are perfect for romance because most of us associate candle-lit dinners and low lighting with seduction. Candles are perfect for ushering in romance because they combine visual beauty with soft, flattering light and add a good dose of delicious fragrance. If you want to feel sensual this scent is very significant. It enables you to feel sensual. Aroma therapists are of the view that there are the scents that promote romance are found in orange essential oils, rose, Ylang Ylang and patchouli. 

Candles make us Relaxed

Candles can help you soothe away tensions and stress at the end of a day. The aroma therapists argue that orange, lemon, pomegranate and other flowers and vegetables scents are very vital in healing our stress and tension disorders.

Energising mood

Sometimes, you need a little extra boost to get going, especially if you work at home or want to get some great energy going for a party. According to aromatherapy experts, jasmine, lemon, patchouli, peppermint, sandalwood, pine, and clove are just a few of the scents that help get rid of fatigue and give you more pep in your step. The Flare Evergreen Candle, for example, combines bright, fresh fragrances to give you a new take on life.

Feelings of tranquillity

According to aromatherapy experts, Coconut, Sandalwood, apples, cinnamon and spicy scents create a tranquil atmosphere. The scented Candle is a perfect way to create a tranquil home atmosphere. With scents of dark amber, clove, vanilla and smoked cedar wood, this candle helps you create a rich, welcoming environment in your home. Plus, proceeds from this candle go towards Alliance for a New Humanity, a non-profit group working to create a peaceful and sustainable world. Therefore, while you improve the environment in your home, you’re helping others create their homes.

Mood Striking

 If you are an armchair traveller. Or, perhaps you want to get away from the everyday without spending your savings on an exotic safari. Exotic scented candles, rich with spices, let you set an exotic, adventurous mood in your own home with minimal effort. If you want to get away from it all, look no further than the Votive Moroccan Fig Candle. With rich, warm spices, this candle will make you feel a million miles away from your everyday life. The Cool Bears best scented candle brands in Malaysia have the ability to heal every problem of yours.

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sex shop online Malaysia 1 May

A Hollow Strap-On Dildo That Fills All The Boxes Of What You Ask Of This Type Of Sex Toy.

A soft and pleasant material coupled with its realism makes it an object of choice to follow you in your most horrid antics. Its very good quality harness offers comfortable support and allows to stabilizes very well the hollow dildo which is placed on it.

The 16.5cm of the sleeve may seem small to the greediest among you, but they do very well when your man is feeling wings growing.

Of course, it is possible that the cavity of the sheath is a little small depending on the original size of your man’s organ, in this case, it is worth opting for a larger model.

Why Choose A Hollow Strap-On Dildo?

It should be understood that the hollow strap-on dildo is in fact a penis sheath that has been mounted on a harness. Then, you can add small bonuses for particular desires such as a vibration system or an ejaculatory system.

One of the main interests is to stabilize the sheath well during intercourse. Indeed, too often the sheath tends to slip during a little too violent frolics. With a hollow strap-on dildo, the harness attaches the hollow dildo to your pelvis.

Of course, choosing a hollow strap-on dildo means being able to benefit from all the advantages of a sheath. Namely, allow having a bigger penis.

How To Use It?

If you are a woman, it is clearly advised you to go for other more efficient models on sex shop online Malaysia which will allow you to have better stimulation during use.

No, the hollow strap-on dildo is an accessory for men that can be used as follows:

Thoroughly lubricate the cavity of the penile sheath so as not to create micro lesions.
If possible, place your penis erect

Secure the harness so that nothing moves

Finish by lubricating the dildo before use with your partner

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23 Apr

Best Property Generates The Best Demands In The Market

In times of high demand on the real estate market, the purchase decision is subject to a certain time pressure. When choosing a property such as bangsar south house for sale, it is all the more important to carefully and structurally examine every offer that comes into question for you. You should first check the price, the location and the provider and compare the offer with your personal priority list.

Compare the offer price of the property

The first question that arises about the price of the offer is whether it fits your budget. When selecting an offer, first check whether there are any additional costs in addition to the purchase price advertised. These can be costs for the broker’s commission or costs for equipment such as a parking space. In the case of existing apartments, you will usually also find the house allowance. In the case of new and existing properties, you will also find information on the energy requirement in the offer description, which gives you an indication of the monthly ancillary costs to be expected.

The Costs

Both costs have an impact on your monthly resilience through the bank loan and thus also on the purchase price that you can afford. You can determine the maximum purchase price that you should consider when choosing your property here:

If the condominium or house is in your budget, you should develop a feel for the price level of comparable property. The first clue is the typical square meter prices in the area, which real estate portals such as house for rent bangsar south show on the details page of the offer as follows:

Choosing the right offer is a key moment when buying a property.  Read here which tips and advice you should pay attention to when looking into a condo for sale bangsar south.

This sample property is in the upper third of the price range of comparable properties in the area, which can be justified by the year of construction, equipment or location. The price atlas for apartments and houses gives you an indication of the price level of the location . You can use the price atlas to see the prices per square meter in the immediate vicinity. In order to also take into account factors such as year of construction and equipment, now look for specific comparison objects that have similar framework conditions. You should pay particular attention to the following framework conditions, which significantly describe the price of the property:

  • location
  • Living space
  • Furnishing
  • Construction year
  • number of rooms
  • floor
  • Garden / terrace / balcony

Assess the location of the property. Buying or renting has its pros and cons and, to decide which option is best for you, you need to analyse all the details of both options in relation to your current conditions and objectives.

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my unifi 17 Apr

What Is Bandwidth In Computing?

Bandwidth is measured as the amount of data that can be conveyed in between two points on a network in a precise time. Bandwidth is naturally restrained in bits per second (bps) and is expressed as a bit rate. The bandwidth would be the speed at which the water (the data) passes through the pipe (the connection) under various circumstances. 

my unifi

Bandwidth, Speed, Or Performance

There are many ways to think about the flow of data on a network. Network speed is defined as the bit rate of the circuit, determined by the speed of the physical signal on the medium.

Bandwidth is the part of the physical circuit capacity that can be used to transmit data and is determined by the amount of network capacity available, depending on the connection. Although a Gigabit Ethernet net connection should allow us 1 GigaBytes per second, the available bandwidth for a computer linked via a Faster Ethernet card only would be 100 Mbps maximum.

Throughout is the successful transmission rate, while bandwidth is an estimate of the amount of data that traverses the network interface, regardless of whether this data produces a successful transmission or not. Hence, performance is always less than bandwidth.

Why Measure Bandwidth

There are several reasons for measuring bandwidth. A low usable bandwidth, compared to the theoretical maximum bandwidth, can be indicative of network problems, especially if we find marked differences in the usable bandwidth values ​​in different parts of the same network that should work in the same way.

In addition, bandwidth measurement is necessary to ensure that the connections that you pay for are up to what was promised. Home users can take an online bandwidth test, to see how much they really have on that “up to 40 Mb / s” connection charged by Unifi Malaysia internet service provider. Corporate connections can be better managed if the performance between the offices connected through the lines provided by a telecommunications operator is precisely known.

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13 Apr

Pros and Cons of Buying a house in Damansara Utama

Malaysia is a multi-religion country that welcomes each and every person from any country across the world. We are able to say that Malaysia is a very hospitable country. 

In today’s article, we’ll allow you to analyze the Pros and Cons of buying or renting a house in Damansara Utama. What are the pros and cons of living in this town? 

Background of Damansara Utama: 

Damansara Utama is a residential township located within the district of Selangor, Malaysia. See Hoy Chan Sdn Bhd is the developer of DU. Damansara Utama may be a busy profit-oriented area with banks, restaurants, and hotels. During the evening people after their work like to wander in these hotels and restaurants to refresh their minds. This town is split into two sections. One section is thought to be Damansara Uptown and consists of the business centre’s and landed homes. The opposite section is thought of as Damansara Kim which is formed of residential homes. There are different condos for rent in Damansara Utama which are available both on sale or on rent at affordable prices. 

damansara utama

5 Benefits of buying a house in Damansara Utama

There are numerous benefits one can avail of by adopting housing in Damansara Utama. Some are listed below.

  1. You’ll be able to buy or rent any Damansara Utama condo at affordable prices on instalments and plus you can easily opt for a mortgage payment. 
  2. If you’d wish to live a peaceful life and seek such a place where you’ll be able to buy your essentials with no effort then little question Damansara Utama township is best for you. 
  3. If you get any Damansara Utama condo for sale within the present times. And after 10 years I want to resell it. Then you’ll be able to earn an excellent profit. Because the costs are terribly increasing now. 
  4. You’ll travel to the national capital 16 mint drive from Damansara Utama.
  5. If you like travelling and need to explore new beauties then you’ll be able to travel near spots of Damansara Utama like a secret garden, Central Park Bandar Utama, KidZania Malaysian capital.

Disadvantages of housing in Damansara Utama 

Although, there are many benefits of living in Damansara township. There are some points that ought to not be neglected if you’re buying a house in Damansara Utama are listed below.

  • Increasing population is the main obstacle. In line with a survey, the population residing in Damansara Utama is 142,000 and is increasing daily.
  • There’s a giant transport problem sometimes not regularly. Due to a good population, often transportation isn’t available all the time and you’ve got to attend a protracted time. 
  • People often get sick because of climate variation. 


If we conclude the above article, we are able to summarize that each place has advantages and a few disadvantages. Overall, Damansara Utama is providing plenty of facilities to its inhabitants. And things are now improving rapidly. Trying to find a house in Damansara Utama at this moment would be a wise decision overall.

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Why And Where To Study Human Resources In Malaysia?

To be successful, companies need a resource far more important than any equipment: people. For this reason, the Human Resources professional works strategically to achieve employee engagement and excellence. In addition to providing good professional chances, the course in the area brings many advantages for those interested in management. Want to discover more reasons why studying HR at Widad University?

bachelor in ecnomics

What Does The Human Resources Professional Do?

The idea here is simple: it means that, for a company, the greatest resource it has to produce results and generate profits is precisely its group of employees! After all, it is the people who perform the tasks, serve the customers and make the company become what it is! All those years studying for a bachelor’s in economics.

Now, let’s face it, people don’t always work as motivated or perform their activities with the quality they should, right? It is precisely there that the importance of the Human Resources manager is realized.

What is the role of this professional within organizations? It is to hire, train and motivate people so that they perform their tasks with excellence, ensuring good results for the company.

In His Day To Day, The HR Professional Is Responsible For:

  • Recruit and select qualified candidates to perform the tasks related to the available job vacancies;
  • Train new and old employees to perform their activities well;
  • Keep workers motivated;
  • Create career plans in companies, to generate promotion opportunities for qualified employees;
  • Participate in the definition of the company’s wages, ensuring that its professionals receive values ​​similar to the market average;
  • Maintain good communication within the company;
  • Take actions to ensure that the work environment is more and more pleasant for employees;
  • Work with the resolution of conflicts between employees;
  • Execute projects to improve the quality of life at work;
  • Plan strategies to keep the best employees in the company (career plans, salaries, benefits);
  • Provide the necessary employees for the different sectors, either by hiring or by redistribution;
  • Take care of the bureaucratic part related to hiring, firing, payment of wages and labor contributions, etc;
  • Evaluate the performance of employees and promote actions so that they produce more and better.

Where Do Human Resources Professionals Work?

The HR technologist has many options in the market. Most of the time, he is hired by medium and large companies, which have a specific department to take care of people management – which can involve more operational tasks, such as taking care of the payroll and taking care of documents for new hires, until strategic talent retention and employee motivation activities.

In companies specialized in recruitment, HR professionals have a fundamental role in hiring new employees, being able to do interviews, conduct dynamics and even apply  vocational tests  to ensure the choice of the candidate that best suits that organization.

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8 Apr

What Activities To Do During Quarantine

Living in a pandemic-ridden nation for almost one year and counting now, it is scary how easily we can get in contact with the virus from people bringing it around us. The COVID-19 virus can be passed on simply by the contact of the water droplets. This is super alarming as we never know when does it land on our body parts as we can never see or even predict which is the droplets and sweat. Due to this, people are highly recommended and strongly encouraged to be taking extreme precautions by putting on facemasks and also to frequently sanitize their hands with acceptable and bacteria-killing alcohol. This is to ensure that there will be no excess of dangerous virus left on your palm and skin surfaces every time you want to touch your face and any other parts of your body. This is vital and a very important step to take because once the virus is in the zone and gets nearby you and you do not have any protections with you, you can easily get infected and the rest would be history. 

Actually no, when you get infected and you go for the swab test, the reading and result would definitely positive especially when you have been getting the exact symptoms such as sore throat, abnormally high fever, coughing, and many more. When you are positive of having infected with this virus, the next step to carefully take is to self-isolate or get yourself in a quarantine zone where there are no individuals by your side or in close proximity with you. You will have to go through this lonely period of time for 14 days minimum and until your symptoms are gone and you are back to the healthy you minus the fatigue. 

14 days of being trapped and cooped in your small room can drive you crazy if you do not have anything else to do. There are actually a lot of activities that you can do on your smartphones and laptops to kill time and these activities are actually very beneficial for the future of you. 

One of the best activities you can get yourself into while in quarantine is to learn website designing. A lot of people are getting into this field day by day due to the increasing demands of this service and many website design company malaysia are flourishing due to the needs of the public of this excellent service. This basically helps you maintaining a good outlook of your website, be it your personal blog or your business page. This service comes together with the help in improving all sorts of information and contents needed for customers to see.

Another activity you can do while in isolation is to record and make a vlog out of your isolation experience. This can be super useful for others who have never been in the situation as well as those who have so that they do not feel alone going through it. While doing this, you can simultaneously make new friends and connections across the world.

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26 Mar

Concrete retardants (glucose syrup malaysia)

Modern concretes must have a large number of characteristics and the standard mixture is not always able to provide them. Various additives are used to meet these requirements. They are added to the composition at the mixing stage, and the total weight does not exceed 10 percent by weight of the mixture. But even this amount is sufficient to provide the required changes in the properties of the structure after hardening. Concrete additives are not always needed to improve the performance of the finished product. Sometimes, it is required to speed up or slow down the curing processes. The second option should be considered in more detail, since substances of this type are relatively widespread.

Concrete retardants are used in several cases:

In the manufacture of high grade formulations. They have an increased content of the binder, which has the property of fast solidification. Thus, the hardening of the mixture occurs at a rate that is not optimal for carrying out construction activities. Retarding additives for concrete allow to slightly increase the time, which expands the possibilities for delivering the material to the construction site and carrying out work on its laying before the beginning of the setting processes.

In cases where concrete transportation is required along streets with heavy traffic or to remote areas. Sometimes, even using a car mixer is not able to solve such problems. Retardants for concrete allow not only delivering the composition to the required place, but also ensuring the possibility of laying at the usual pace. Otherwise, you will have to look for options for cooperation with another company, making a mixture directly on site, or making changes to plans related to the need to use a different brand of material.

Retarding glucose syrup Malaysia for concrete provide a twofold increase in the time of movement of the concrete mixture if the ambient temperature is in the range of 18-22 degrees. Changes can lead to misalignments during the setting process. For example, an increase in temperature accelerates the transformation into a monolithic mass. A decrease in this parameter, on the contrary, is a consequence of a significant increase in the setting index. For more articles like this one, click here.

Why is it important for you to know about decommissioning services?

What are decommissioning services?

It is a word to depict the final stage of an energy project. During the oil and gas process, when the production cycle is about to end and the fuel has completely used, the facilities must be closed and let the surrounding environment back to its previous way. There is a legal condition regarding decommissioning services in Malaysia that has been implemented by the Petroleum Act 1998. The process of decommissioning is clearing and filling the well to completely confiscating the basic structure. The majority of the time, the conductor’s pipes will be removed to not make any further impact on the environment, and only sometimes the conductor pipes will be left for the marine life to form artificial reefs. A certain segment of items from the platform can be reused for other upcoming projects and it has no use, it will be discarded onshore. Decommissioning, or in other terms abandonment is an upcoming industry that is still developing, even till today and it is expected to turn over billions in revenue. 

offshore oil rig

The requirements to decommissioning an offshore oil rig

Since decommissioning is a long and complicated process, it involves major engineering work. It demands a huge number of labor and workers to able to fully operate the platform. firstly, all the equipment and segments have to be discarded including the infrastructure components from the seabed.

The global oil and gas decommissioning market

Throughout the years, decommissioning has continuously developed into a bigger industry. Based on the research, just the North Sea by itself has around 170 oil installations, 10,000km of pipeline, and 5 thousand wells. Somehow, this manufacturing will reach the end of their operation thus necessitating the decommissioning. In the time period, there will be a gigantic change within the industry. Between 2016 and 2021 it’s assessed that around 600 seaward resources will be decommissioned universally.

The future of Offshore Decommissioning

The long run of offshore decommissioning is clearly not constrained to the Oil & Gas industry around the life expectancy of a wind turbine which is at 20 to 25 years. Natural impacts such as lightning strikes and disintegration guarantee that there will continuously be a time when the turbines require disassembling.

The 10 Stages During The Decommissioning Of An Offshore Oil Rig according to this article.

  1. Project management
  2. Engineering and strategies
  3. Authorization and manging agreement
  4. Composition of an oil platform
  5. Well plugging and abandonment
  6. Conductor removal
  7. Preparation and grounding of derrick barges
  8. Oil Platform removal
  9. Pipeline and power cable decommissioning
  10. Discarding materials and sites

Types of Jobs involve with offshore decommissioning

  • Civil engineers
  • Safety engineer
  • Project managers
  • Surveyors
  • Waste management consultant
  • Maritime engineers
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