A Brief Introduction To Metal Decking

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A Brief Introduction To Metal Decking

What Is Metal Decking, and How Does It Work?

Corrugated metal sheeting is used as a sturdy roof deck or a composite floor deck. Steel beams or joists will be used to support it. Metal deck is used to reinforce a roof’s insulating membrane or to hold and bind with concrete to form a composite metal floor deck. The high strength-to-weight ratio of metal decking reduces erection and material handling costs. It’s an excellent choice for multi-story structures. It’s the ideal foundation for a concrete floor or a roof.

Metal Decking’s Applications

There are two main applications for metal decking: structural metal roof decks and composite floor decks. It’s ideal for both applications because of its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, and its low cost and ease of installation.

Roof Decking Made of Metal

A corrugated metal panel used for roofing is known as metal roof decking. It’s put atop steel joists or beams and serves as a sturdy foundation for roofing materials, padding, a roof’s waterproofing covering, and lightweight concrete. Metal sheets are welded, mechanically fastened, or screwed to the steel to form the metal deck. Roof decking has a uniform, non-embodiment surface and is not intended to have structural concrete placed on top of it. A metal floor deck is required if structural concrete and a composite floor deck system are required.

Metal Roof Decking’s Applications

  • Supports a building’s roof system 
  • Mezzanines are intermediary levels of a structure that are lined with plywood.
  • Steel canopies are a type of overhead construction that offers shade and protection from the elements.
  • Barriers and roofs for rubbish gates

Metal Roof Decking Types and Profiles

B deck and N deck are the two most prevalent forms of metal roof decking profiles that are easily accessible. Sorts A and F Deck are two more types of metal roof decking profiles. These two categories are less typically required on building projects and are more difficult to come by. You can also obtain metal deck roofing in Malaysia for consultation and installation.

metal deck roofing malaysia

Metal Decking for the Floor

A corrugated metal panel used in a floor installation is known as metal floor decking. It sustains wet concrete by being laid over steel joists or steel beams. The vertical ribs of the decking have embodiments that bind with the concrete slab. Once the concrete cures, it transforms into a composite floor deck, increasing the floor’s durability without contributing any more weight.

Metal Floor Decking’s Applications

  • When constructing multi-story buildings, a functional platform is required.
  • To keep a building’s frame stable.
  • For concrete, use a stay-in-place structure.
  • The building’s design loads are carried by a composite floor deck system.
  • Mezzanines are concrete-covered intermediary levels that run the length of a structure.

Metal Floor Decking Types and Profiles

There are three different depths of metal floor decking available: 1.5″, 2″, and 3″. The intensity of the panel is the most significant distinction between the three. The panel grows stronger as it moves deeper. A 3-inch floor deck, for example, is more durable than a 1.5 inch floor deck.

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