Concrete retardants (glucose syrup malaysia)

26 Mar

Concrete retardants (glucose syrup malaysia)

Modern concretes must have a large number of characteristics and the standard mixture is not always able to provide them. Various additives are used to meet these requirements. They are added to the composition at the mixing stage, and the total weight does not exceed 10 percent by weight of the mixture. But even this amount is sufficient to provide the required changes in the properties of the structure after hardening. Concrete additives are not always needed to improve the performance of the finished product. Sometimes, it is required to speed up or slow down the curing processes. The second option should be considered in more detail, since substances of this type are relatively widespread.

Concrete retardants are used in several cases:

In the manufacture of high grade formulations. They have an increased content of the binder, which has the property of fast solidification. Thus, the hardening of the mixture occurs at a rate that is not optimal for carrying out construction activities. Retarding additives for concrete allow to slightly increase the time, which expands the possibilities for delivering the material to the construction site and carrying out work on its laying before the beginning of the setting processes.

In cases where concrete transportation is required along streets with heavy traffic or to remote areas. Sometimes, even using a car mixer is not able to solve such problems. Retardants for concrete allow not only delivering the composition to the required place, but also ensuring the possibility of laying at the usual pace. Otherwise, you will have to look for options for cooperation with another company, making a mixture directly on site, or making changes to plans related to the need to use a different brand of material.

Retarding glucose syrup Malaysia for concrete provide a twofold increase in the time of movement of the concrete mixture if the ambient temperature is in the range of 18-22 degrees. Changes can lead to misalignments during the setting process. For example, an increase in temperature accelerates the transformation into a monolithic mass. A decrease in this parameter, on the contrary, is a consequence of a significant increase in the setting index. For more articles like this one, click here.

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