Countries That Banned Social Media

20 Mar

Countries That Banned Social Media

Social media play an important role in our daily life but not sure why some country banned some social media apps. It actually kind of weird but maybe their government has their own reason to ban it. Without losing time, let’s move on to the country that banned social media and the reason they ban it.

  1. China

China is one of the popular countries in the world because have a variety of food and their architecture wonder such as the Great Wall of China. Not only that, but they also famous because be the largest producer of concrete, steel, toys, clothes, and many more. In China, the popular micro-blogging website is Twitter got banned China and they use Weibo as a replacement. Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram also got banned in China so if you have a chance to visit China one day you might want to download their own social media apps such as, and Wechat. Not only that, but you also cannot use Google and its services such as Gmail, and Google Map. it must be kind of weird because cannot use Google if you usually use Google as your search engine. In China, you need to get used to their own search engine which is Baidu and Baidu Maps. The reason why they block it is the government will easily control the content on their own products such as Baidu,, and WeChat. If they use other countries’ social media it is quite difficult for them to control the content.

  1. North Korea

North Korea country is quite different from other countries. Other countries are at least willing to give their people the freedom to use other social media to communicate but not North Korea.  In North Korea, their people can not have any social media at all because it is banned. The Internet also is banned there so there are no ways for North Korean people to have any social media account. 

  1. Turkey

Turkey is also known as the Republic of Turkey is a country that is near Norwest Bulgaria. For your information, the Republic of Turkey is a European and Asian country. Istanbul is one of the famous places that is located in Turkey and many people go there because it has a wonderful sight. You also can climb to Galata Tower and visit Blue Mosque once you reach there but little do you know Turkey banned Youtube because not have certificate permission from Turkey. Not only that, but Whatsapp also is banned here but you still can access Whatsapp if you use VPN also known as a virtual private network. For related information, click here.

Sometimes, it is quite hard to brain why some countries need to ban some social media apps because we all know that social media is good but we cannot blame some countries because they banned some apps. It is because everyone has their own perspective sight and we must respect it but if you want to now, social media is one of the platforms that are quite famous nowadays because we can use it to market product. You might want to learn more on social media companies Malaysia to get social marketing services Malaysia. There are many best social media companies that offer services. 

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