Essential Deals for a house for Mont Kiara apartment

12 Mar

Essential Deals for a house for Mont Kiara apartment

When you buy a new Mont Kiara apartment or a Mont Kiara new condo, you have two options: either buy the house with all the finishes and improvements already made or buy a house “in the red”. Many real estate developers sell new but unfinished homes. They are priced up to 20% lower than if they had benefited from all the finishes at the time of purchase. The “red” variant is thus more profitable than buying a house with all the finishes. You will have to continue the interior work later, but this will help you save a few thousand dollars before you actually move into the house.

Negotiate as much as you can

If you buy a home from an owner, and not from a real estate developer, negotiate its price as much as you can. Imagine a dialogue with the former owner, after signing the sale-purchase contract, in which he would tell you that if you insisted more, he would have been willing to lower the price of the house by 5,000 dollars. At the same time, you would tell him that if he was less malleable, you would be willing to offer 5,000 dollars more. The difference between an uninspired negotiation and a very efficient one is, in this imaginary case, 10,000 dollars, i.e. more than a new car. Why lose a car just because you didn’t have enough patience during the talks?

Buy a house outside the city

If you want to buy a house at a very low price, go to a house on the outskirts of the city or even outside it. The only thing you have to think about is the infrastructure. Calculate how much time you actually travel from your potential home to work, using the means of transportation you have at your disposal. You may find that you spend much less time in traffic, travelling from out of town to work or downtown than you do right now.

Visit the house with an expert

Before buying the house and especially during the price negotiations, visit the house with a person who works in the field of constructions and realizes the possible failures of the installations or the poor quality of the interior works. This is discouraging for the owner who claims a higher price than the real one, and you actually find out what you are about to buy. This helps you a lot when negotiating the price of the house and when you compare it with the prices of other houses that caught your eye.

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