How To Keep Your Wee Wee Clean?

19 Mar

How To Keep Your Wee Wee Clean?

Men’s genitalia is arguably men’s most valued possession. Giving your penis the care that it deserves not only will be beneficial for you but also your partner.  

You need to remember to always wash your penis gently with lukewarm water every day. If you have a foreskin, carefully withdraw and wash beneath it. Improper washing can cause the under the foreskin, to gather a gooey-like substance called smegma  

Smegma is an au natural moisturizer that helps to keep the penis damp. It is located under the foreskin and on the tip of the penis.  

If smegma accumulates in the foreskin, it’ll start smelling and stop the foreskin from being easily pulled back and cause balanitis. Balanitis is a condition that can cause the tip of your penis to turn red and swollen 

‘Something stinks’ 

It is very shocking how some men out there that do not wash under the foreskin properly. Not washing your foreskin can develop complications and gives a somewhat off-putting smell for your sexual partner too. 

But don’t bother trying to forcibly pull an infant or small boy’s foreskin back as this can cause pain and can be very dangerous. Their foreskin can still stick to the penis’s tip and will not withdraw fully. There’s no need to wash the foreskin at this stage of their growth. 

Although daily hygiene is necessary, too much soap-and-duster gels washing can cause pain. Wash the penis gently with warm water once a day is enough. If you prefer washing with soap, pick a neutral soap to minimize any rashes. There’s also a lot of men’s wellness product that you can consider using. 

A lot of people assume and believe it is beneficial to use talc for your penis. But this is certainly not the case. Using talc on your penis sounds like a good idea, but it is not because talc can give you insane rashes. 

Men who are circumcised need to also be sensitive about their genitalia. Gently wash the penis with warm water is already enough. 

Your groins and testicles 

Another important penis self-care is remembering to wash the root of your penis and your testicles. This area is important because it’s the area that produces a strong and unpleasant smell. This is because the root of your penis and testicles is where your pubic hair and sweat combine.  

These area needs to be washed regularly to prevent glands from gathering, particularly as it is hidden in your underwear almost all day. Also, remember to make sure to always clean and odorless the testicles’ base and the anus are. Regularly check for any irregularities in the testicles that weren’t there previously. You can also use natural herbs for men enhancement to help keep the testicles and pubic area healthy. 

Most men only focus on the size, some even take penis supplements which is good but they also often neglect to keep their penis clean because they think it’s not as important. Keeping a clean and healthy penis is important for both you and your partner. Often, men joke on smelly vaginas without knowing the cause- which is, your penis. A dirty penis can disturb the vagina’s natural Ph level and causes it to produce a pungent smell. So, care for your penis because it’ll benefit you in ways you didn’t even think of. 

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