Recommendations From The Faculty Of Medicine That Are Easy To Enter And Tips

13 Nov

Recommendations From The Faculty Of Medicine That Are Easy To Enter And Tips

Studying in medicine is one of everyone’s dreams. Every year, thousands of high school graduates in Indonesia compete to get into this prestigious major. One of the reasons why many want to study medicine is because the opportunity is clear, which is to become a doctor.

Before discussing what is studied at the medical school and how to choose a campus, let’s get to know what medical science is. A professor said that medical science is concerned with health and disease management. Based on the expert’s statement, medicine is the study of humans.

About Faculty of Medicine

Usually children who want to enter the medical school prefer Biology lessons than other sciences. However, what is important to know is that studying medicine is much different from studying biology. For example, when you were in high school, you could easily memorize human limbs and bones, but if you have entered the medical faculty you are not only told to memorize but also understand the function of each member of the human body.

What is learned in the School of Medicine?

Before deciding to study at the Faculty of Medicine, it’s a good idea to know what courses you will study after being declared graduated at the Faculty of Medicine. An example of a subject that will be studied is cellular biology, which deals with cells that make up humans, second, there is anatomy, where you will understand very well how the structure of the skeleton and its function are.

Furthermore, there is energy metabolism related to the metabolic system in humans. Next is reproduction where in this course you will be asked to understand the function of each human reproductive organ. Next is cardiovascular which deals with how blood vessels and the human heart can work as well as other subjects.

Tips for Studying at the Faculty of Medicine

There are some tips that you can do to survive in the Faculty of Medicine:

  • Always take care of yourself. Studying in medical school is very tiring so you have to be smart about taking care of yourself.
  • Next is not to compare your own abilities with others and the last is to read a lot about medical science and practice answering questions.
  • Make a resume about medical. Because some colleges generally ask prospective students to write a resume to see the activeness of prospective students in spending time in the medical world. The written resume can be in the form of an internship experience with health workers or in a hospital.
  • You must have a good grade point average when you were in high school. Because in addition to looking at the final exam scores, report cards while at school also need to be taken into account.
  • Deepen the exact material by practicing working on university entrance exam questions from the easiest to the hardest.

Career Opportunities for Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine

Did you know that graduates of the Faculty of Medicine can not only work as doctors? Some of the career opportunities for medical school graduates are to become a lecturer where you have to complete your studies up to master’s degree. The next career opportunity is research in the health sector where this will help solve problems that exist in society. Finally, you can become an employee in a company in the health sector and the salary you will get is according to your position.

Universities with Easy-to-Enter Schools of Medicine

If you are still confused about which universiti yang menawarkan bidang perubatan and is easy to enter for medical majors, there are several choices of recommended universities for the Faculty of Medicine that are easy to enter.

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