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What Is Bandwidth In Computing?

Bandwidth is measured as the amount of data that can be conveyed in between two points on a network in a precise time. Bandwidth is naturally restrained in bits per second (bps) and is expressed as a bit rate. The bandwidth would be the speed at which the water (the data) passes through the pipe (the connection) under various circumstances. 

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Bandwidth, Speed, Or Performance

There are many ways to think about the flow of data on a network. Network speed is defined as the bit rate of the circuit, determined by the speed of the physical signal on the medium.

Bandwidth is the part of the physical circuit capacity that can be used to transmit data and is determined by the amount of network capacity available, depending on the connection. Although a Gigabit Ethernet net connection should allow us 1 GigaBytes per second, the available bandwidth for a computer linked via a Faster Ethernet card only would be 100 Mbps maximum.

Throughout is the successful transmission rate, while bandwidth is an estimate of the amount of data that traverses the network interface, regardless of whether this data produces a successful transmission or not. Hence, performance is always less than bandwidth.

Why Measure Bandwidth

There are several reasons for measuring bandwidth. A low usable bandwidth, compared to the theoretical maximum bandwidth, can be indicative of network problems, especially if we find marked differences in the usable bandwidth values ​​in different parts of the same network that should work in the same way.

In addition, bandwidth measurement is necessary to ensure that the connections that you pay for are up to what was promised. Home users can take an online bandwidth test, to see how much they really have on that “up to 40 Mb / s” connection charged by Unifi Malaysia internet service provider. Corporate connections can be better managed if the performance between the offices connected through the lines provided by a telecommunications operator is precisely known.

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