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31 Oct

Are You Unhappy With The Degree You Chose?

Sometimes, we become so consumed with the idea of getting something over and done with that we forget that there are numerous aspects of it that don’t make us happy,and this can impede our progress. As a student in university you may be facing the challenge of trying to figure out if a certain course you chose is still right for you. You may be having second doubts, but you’re scared to properly evaluate the situation because of what people will say, or the financial costs of changing, or any other reason. As a student of Universiti Perubatan di Malaysia you need to be honest with yourself. Confront the situation and figure out how satisfied you are with your degree.

Do You Enjoy The Content?

Do you find yourself enjoying what you learn about or are you simply getting by in a passive state? Education should fill you with a sense of purpose and curiosity. If the thrill is gone, then you may be in the wrong degree. This is not to say that whenever the vigour disappears, you are immediately in the wrong place! Sometimes even the right course can be a chore to get through, however check how often you feel hopeless and apathetic about your degree. How often do you participate in class or actively do your assignments, hoping to get good grades?

It will not always be smooth-sailing, but the right mindset does impact how you look at your work, therefore if your mind or heart isn’t in it, you may be setting yourself up for a hard time as you progress.

Have You Considered Counselling?

Sometimes students need a bit of assistance to get their enthusiasm back. The load that comes with tertiary education can have an emotional toll which affects how you see many things, not just your school work. Therefore, consider talking to a counsellor about your work and your degree so that they can properly guide you through that difficult time. You may find that you still very much enjoy the degree, but perhaps due to pressure or burnout you do feel enthusiastic about it.

Sometimes as we grow older we become clouded with several things, other elements of life that cloud our enjoyment of what we learn. Keep that in mind.

Are You Applying Yourself?

Are you making an effort to find it interesting, or are you not putting in the effort to do so? You can make certain subjects interesting for yourself even if you find your lecturer boring. Make your notes colourful, or make a game out of your study material. There are numerous ways to engage yourself with your work to make it more impactful and more meaningful to you. Join a fun but serious study group or make colourful flashcards to help you along. Research the topics and build your knowledge.…

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