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29 Jan

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Partner An Adult Toy

Having passionate and enjoyable sex is one of the integral parts of maintaining a healthy relationship. It binds two people together like never before, as they share their bodies intimately. You have probably felt this as you share your bed with your partner. 

These sessions allow you and your partner to surrender yourselves to each other. It requires confidence, faith, and trust. It is a special session that only you and your partner are privy to. So, it must be a session that leaves both parties satisfied. 

Adult toys can level up the experience you have with your partner. They are equipped with technology that leaves the other screaming your name. Here are a couple of reasons why you should get your partner an adult toy

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Increases session period

Each sexual encounter with your partner is different. One may be quick and intense, another may be passionate and long. It depends on your mood and how you are feeling. 

Quick intense sessions usually occur when you need a quick release of built-up stress and tension. These sessions are usually forgettable but mind-blowing, especially if both parties reach climax. 

Long passionate sessions usually happen when you want to forget about the world and the worries that come with it. These sessions allow both parties to enjoy each other extensively. The problem with these types of sessions is that some partners may fail to keep up with others. Long sessions require stamina and patience. So, unless you are an expert in self-control, long sessions are usually troublesome.  

Adult toys can fix that. While you are taking a break, you can use the toy to pleasure your partner and keep them on your toes. So, while you are regaining your energy before you rejoin the session, you can still ensure that your partner does not feel bored. 

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Keeps your partner company

When you are adults, there comes a time when you understand that you and your partner can’t always be with each other. Say your boss needs you to go on a business trip for a week. Relations between you and your partner might wain because you are far from each other,

If you present an adult toy for your partner, you will allow them to satisfy their needs. If the both of you will be apart for long, sexting and video calls while using the toy will ultimately keep the spark alive. Your partner can pleasure themselves while thinking about you.

Keeps the relationship spicy

If you and your partner have been together for quite some time, it is not usual to lose interest in your sexual life. Dynamics change over time and both of you may have a change in your sexual desires and tastes. Usually, it may be because of other factors such as emotional negligence, or both of you may be in a fight. However, if you feel like this does not apply to you, it would be best to invest in a sex toy. Check out online sex toys in Secret Cherry Malaysia, and keep your relationship spicy and interesting. …

18 Oct

Things Your Dildo Can That You Never Knew About

The sex toy industry is growing faster than most of us can make room in our nightstands, but it’s not just because we’re talking about orgasm equality and sexual pleasure in a way that we never have before. It’s because sex toys (and first among them, vibrators) are touted as the remedy to everything from low self-esteem to insomnia, menstrual cramps to chronic dryness. 

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That isn’t (necessarily) a bad thing. Orgasms are tied to all sorts of positive health outcomes, including more restful night’s sleep (thanks, prolactin) and pain relief (thanks to you, too, endorphins). Orgasms have more benefits than we currently even know, and if most people with clitorises are only having orgasms when their clits are stimulated, it stands to reason that we’re going to turn to tools (like dildos) to help out. Globally, the sex toy market is predicted to grow by 9.92 billion USD by 2023. A big contributor to that growth is a shift in our belief system from “sex toys are dirty” to “sex toys are healthy” and toy companies are investing heavily in that messaging.

So, here are the benefits that I’ve seen sex toy companies advertise — and if dildos actually can help with them in a meaningful way. 


There are nights where you’re happy to be up until dawn and then there are the nights where you’re asking yourself “how the hell did I get here?” If you find yourself in that second group more often than not, you might experience insomnia, a sleep disorder characterized by the inability to fall (or stay) asleep. 

Orgasms lower your level of cortisol (a hormone related to stress) and also release prolactin. The combination of the two hormonal shifts can help you feel much more relaxed, which in turn can actually help you fall asleep and actually stay asleep

Chronic Dryness

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? (The answer is always ‘no one cares’, btw). Chronic vaginal dryness is uncomfortable AF, and it’s not something that just affects people going through menopause. 

You might experience chronic vaginal dryness if you’re taking antidepressants or allergy medication, as a result of chronic yeast infections or using harsh soaps on your vulva, if you’re taking hormonal birth control or are on testosterone therapy, if you’re simply dehydrated, or…for a lot of other reasons. In short, your vagina might be persistently dry at some point — even when you’re feeling thirsty.

One 2016 study of 70 (cisgender) women found that two-thirds of participants experienced increased vaginal lubrication after using a dildo for three months. 

The verdict: Using a dildo could help your vagina produce more lubrication on its own.

The caveat: You should always use a lubricant when you use a dildo, otherwise you risk creating tiny tears in your skin, which could actually lead to more irritation longterm. So, stock up on a good-quality lube first.


If you feel like orgasms always elude you, then you may be experiencing anorgasmia — or simply put, a lack of orgasms. Anorgasmia can be caused by oodles of things, from stress and a history of trauma to reduced nerve response and you or your partners simply not knowing how to help you reach orgasm. 

Dildos provide intense stimulation, so if you’ve struggled to reach orgasm (and you want to have one), adding a dildo to your sexual toolkit can help. 

The verdict: A dildo might help with this, but it’s not as simple as it seems.

The caveat: Depending on what the root cause is, a dildo might not help you reach orgasm. It’s worth a shot, but if it doesn’t help you, that’s okay too. 

Menstrual Cramps

Ugh. Ibuprofen, heating pads, and epsom salt baths can only take us so far, so it would be pretty awesome if dildo could help with menstrual cramps. And, thanks to a combination of pelvic floor contractions and endorphins released during orgasm, they can! 

The verdict: Yes, if you have orgasms with your dildo, it might help relieve period cramps. 

The caveat: If you typically experience cramping or slight pain during or after orgasm, then using a dildo during your period might make you feel even more uncomfortable. …

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