Top 3 Best PC Games

15 Mar

Top 3 Best PC Games

PC games have been a part of the gaming culture for decades now. Ever since the early 1980s, with games running on the DOS software that was used by the computers of that era. Nowadays, PC gaming has come a really long way from being just a huge block of metal and a box for a screen. From having just 512MB of RAM in the 90s, to having up to 64GB of RAM in 2021. With the current gaming technology of today, we can see video games having spectacular graphics that run at ultra high frame rates, and having great gameplay, with some of the most advanced graphics cards, processors, RAM sticks and Solid State Drives on the market today.

When having a great, capable gaming PC, it’s recommended to take note of what kinds of games you might be playing. Some games require some of the most powerful tech to run. And trying to run them on a not so capable PC, might ruin the experience for you or even damage your system due to the game taking too much of your PC’s available resources. So, this is why you should consider upgrading old hardware to allow your PC to accommodate some games that require a huge amount of system resources to run smoothly. Besides PC gaming being one of the things that’s trending among the gaming community, it can also be one of the ways to relax while taking a break from working as a trading forex broker malaysia. We will list three of the best PC games to play with your beefy PC below.

  1. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Years since its launch, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains the highlight of contemporary video game production. There is something written on the long main journey of the game and how the series uses player choices to change the world of the game throughout time. In that respect, it’s the interactive role playing game gold standard. But the Witcher 3 really brings a splendid display for the eyes on the PC. The Witcher 3 looks better on PC, with longer draw distance and higher resolutions than anywhere else, from the rich, moody sky boxes to the atmosphere and character.

2. Valheim

Valheim feels that MMORPGs like RuneScape or even Lineage II have more in common than current RPGs in early years, although it takes on similar concepts. The game provides a less conventional standardisation scheme in which players must use objects to improve their affiliation with a certain status.

For example, if you want to level woodcutting, you must pick up an axe and work. You must block assaults or even gunshots from friends to improve the effectiveness of your shield blocking to increase your blocking status. Using food products or potions, players can also improve your fitness and endurance.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft was a survival game before it became the cultural power it is today. Minecraft dumps players in maps eight times bigger than the Earth’s surface on a procedurally generated chart. You will have to hunt for, search for, or cultivate food sufficient enough to survive, while avoiding the ever-present challenge of explosive creeping beans and lethal zombies, to fight a mighty interdimensional dragon at the end of the day.

Of course, it is the Creative Mode of Minecraft that has won tens of millions of views on Twitch and YouTube, two entire industries which seem to have been designed for the modern generation of personalities that has helped to make the game known to the world. For more articles like this one, click here.

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