What Activities To Do During Quarantine

8 Apr

What Activities To Do During Quarantine

Living in a pandemic-ridden nation for almost one year and counting now, it is scary how easily we can get in contact with the virus from people bringing it around us. The COVID-19 virus can be passed on simply by the contact of the water droplets. This is super alarming as we never know when does it land on our body parts as we can never see or even predict which is the droplets and sweat. Due to this, people are highly recommended and strongly encouraged to be taking extreme precautions by putting on facemasks and also to frequently sanitize their hands with acceptable and bacteria-killing alcohol. This is to ensure that there will be no excess of dangerous virus left on your palm and skin surfaces every time you want to touch your face and any other parts of your body. This is vital and a very important step to take because once the virus is in the zone and gets nearby you and you do not have any protections with you, you can easily get infected and the rest would be history. 

Actually no, when you get infected and you go for the swab test, the reading and result would definitely positive especially when you have been getting the exact symptoms such as sore throat, abnormally high fever, coughing, and many more. When you are positive of having infected with this virus, the next step to carefully take is to self-isolate or get yourself in a quarantine zone where there are no individuals by your side or in close proximity with you. You will have to go through this lonely period of time for 14 days minimum and until your symptoms are gone and you are back to the healthy you minus the fatigue. 

14 days of being trapped and cooped in your small room can drive you crazy if you do not have anything else to do. There are actually a lot of activities that you can do on your smartphones and laptops to kill time and these activities are actually very beneficial for the future of you. 

One of the best activities you can get yourself into while in quarantine is to learn website designing. A lot of people are getting into this field day by day due to the increasing demands of this service and many website design company malaysia are flourishing due to the needs of the public of this excellent service. This basically helps you maintaining a good outlook of your website, be it your personal blog or your business page. This service comes together with the help in improving all sorts of information and contents needed for customers to see.

Another activity you can do while in isolation is to record and make a vlog out of your isolation experience. This can be super useful for others who have never been in the situation as well as those who have so that they do not feel alone going through it. While doing this, you can simultaneously make new friends and connections across the world.

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