What Are Some Of the Essentials For Newborn Baby Malaysia? 

What Are Some Of the Essentials For Newborn Baby Malaysia? 

essentials for newborn baby malaysia

Bringing a precious baby into your life is an exciting yet stressful time especially for new mothers. From the time of pregnancy to the time your baby comes into the world, you will have many things to settle, like clothes, toys, medical supplies, changing stations, cribs, strollers and more. So if you need a comprehensive list of essentials for newborn baby Malaysia, keep reading. 

These are some of the things we think may be beneficial to new mothers to have when they have a newborn baby. 

  1. Nursing Bottle & Teat

There are many nursing bottles out there that your baby can use for nursing in case they are not breastfeeding. There are also a few options on Pigeon that are made for babies with a Cleft Lip & Palate! So inclusive. 

  1. Baby Wipes & Wet Tissues

When caring for a newborn baby, you need to make sure that the wipes and wet tissues you use on them are natural, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. You never know if your baby is allergic and can develop a rash, so it’s best to be careful. Also it’s much planet-friendly, so make sure you are using some good quality wet wipes and tissues.

  1. Skincare

We know what you’re thinking. Skincare for a baby?! It may sound absurd to some, but babies need to keep their skin fresh and moisturised with the right products too. It’s important that you don’t use lotions made for adults on baby’s skin because it may cause irritation especially if the products contains chemicals and such. 

There are also special skincare made for babies with skin conditions like dry skin, eczema and chafing skin. You can find dry & chafed skin lotions as well as heat rash lotions for your baby on Pigeon. 

  1. Sterilizing and Cleansing Items 

When feeding your baby you need to make sure that you clean and sterilize their bottles and food bowls often after every use. You can’t simply sterilze and wash them with normal soap as it can be dangerous for them. So, it’s best to purchase a steriziler, brushes and liquid cleansers meant for baby food accessories! (By the way, you can find them all on Pigeon!)

  1. Soothers & Teethers

Your baby’s dental development is very tricky. You may find them biting on their toys and such to relieve the pain of their growing teeth. A good way to help them with this is to get the right soothers and teethers so that they don’t go around biting random things to soothe that discomfort. 

  1. Body Wash & Hair Care

As much as we adults need to be cleaned, our babies need to be cleaned just as much, maybe even more so because they are more susceptible to diseases, germs and bacteria. That is why you need to make sure that you are showering your baby with body wash and shampoos that are helpful to kill bacteria as well as suitable for babies, as their skin can be very sensitive.

essentials for newborn baby malaysia

Those were just a few of the essentials for newborn baby malaysia that you can get from Pigeon to make sure that your baby is safe, strong and healthy. 

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