What Should We Consider For Laboratory Equipment?

16 Nov

What Should We Consider For Laboratory Equipment?

The purchase of test equipment is a purposeful one based on the needs of the test, not a large purchase of a large amount of equipment. The equipment like lab bench malaysia to be purchased is carefully selected on the basis of the basic test equipment that is required for the laboratory tests. The parameters of the test equipment. This is a hard indicator when purchasing – the technical parameters and accuracy of the test equipment are critical to the final outcome of the test. If an accident occurs during the test that is caused by the test equipment, it will cause the test to fail.

Choose a manufacturer with excellent reputation and quality, and the two sides can reach a long-term cooperative relationship if conditions allow. Choosing such a manufacturer not only makes the quality of the product guaranteed, but also allows the supplier to be found independently when there are some problems with the product, and the two sides can negotiate and solve problems amicably, reducing the chances of problems arising during the test.

When purchasing higher priced instruments, it is common to contact the manufacturer directly to purchase them, which can eliminate unnecessary middlemen links. For the purchase of expensive imported instruments, often scientific research, public welfare and other institutions with tax-free qualifications, will generally entrust a professional instrument import and export companies to handle the relevant procedures to improve efficiency.

When purchasing instruments, attention should also be paid to their service life and precautions, and corresponding records should be made, and they should be checked or calibrated before being put into use. For large test equipment, their maintenance may have some trouble, in the purchase of these instruments and equipment, pay attention to their precautions, send people for corresponding learning and training, reduce the damage to them in the future use, to extend their service life. Some test equipment should not be placed together, for example, some equipment can be magnetic, and some equipment for measurement requires a high degree of accuracy, so care should be taken when placing equipment to see if they affect each other. It is important for managers to keep clear records of the age of the equipment, which is of great importance for the accuracy of the tests. This is why it is important to carry out regular checks and maintenance of test equipment, as well as creating usage files and manuals.

Safety, efficiency and comfort are the three main elements of an ideal laboratory environment. The construction of a laboratory is not only about simply building a laboratory with the purchase of reasonable instruments and equipment, but also about the overall planning of the laboratory, reasonable layout and floor plan design, as well as equipment and basic conditions such as water supply, power supply, ventilation, security measures and material transfer.

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