Why And Where To Study Human Resources In Malaysia?

Why And Where To Study Human Resources In Malaysia?

To be successful, companies need a resource far more important than any equipment: people. For this reason, the Human Resources professional works strategically to achieve employee engagement and excellence. In addition to providing good professional chances, the course in the area brings many advantages for those interested in management. Want to discover more reasons why studying HR at Widad University?

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What Does The Human Resources Professional Do?

The idea here is simple: it means that, for a company, the greatest resource it has to produce results and generate profits is precisely its group of employees! After all, it is the people who perform the tasks, serve the customers and make the company become what it is! All those years studying for a bachelor’s in economics.

Now, let’s face it, people don’t always work as motivated or perform their activities with the quality they should, right? It is precisely there that the importance of the Human Resources manager is realized.

What is the role of this professional within organizations? It is to hire, train and motivate people so that they perform their tasks with excellence, ensuring good results for the company.

In His Day To Day, The HR Professional Is Responsible For:

  • Recruit and select qualified candidates to perform the tasks related to the available job vacancies;
  • Train new and old employees to perform their activities well;
  • Keep workers motivated;
  • Create career plans in companies, to generate promotion opportunities for qualified employees;
  • Participate in the definition of the company’s wages, ensuring that its professionals receive values ​​similar to the market average;
  • Maintain good communication within the company;
  • Take actions to ensure that the work environment is more and more pleasant for employees;
  • Work with the resolution of conflicts between employees;
  • Execute projects to improve the quality of life at work;
  • Plan strategies to keep the best employees in the company (career plans, salaries, benefits);
  • Provide the necessary employees for the different sectors, either by hiring or by redistribution;
  • Take care of the bureaucratic part related to hiring, firing, payment of wages and labor contributions, etc;
  • Evaluate the performance of employees and promote actions so that they produce more and better.

Where Do Human Resources Professionals Work?

The HR technologist has many options in the market. Most of the time, he is hired by medium and large companies, which have a specific department to take care of people management – which can involve more operational tasks, such as taking care of the payroll and taking care of documents for new hires, until strategic talent retention and employee motivation activities.

In companies specialized in recruitment, HR professionals have a fundamental role in hiring new employees, being able to do interviews, conduct dynamics and even apply  vocational tests  to ensure the choice of the candidate that best suits that organization.

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