Why is it important for you to know about decommissioning services?

Why is it important for you to know about decommissioning services?

What are decommissioning services?

It is a word to depict the final stage of an energy project. During the oil and gas process, when the production cycle is about to end and the fuel has completely used, the facilities must be closed and let the surrounding environment back to its previous way. There is a legal condition regarding decommissioning services in Malaysia that has been implemented by the Petroleum Act 1998. The process of decommissioning is clearing and filling the well to completely confiscating the basic structure. The majority of the time, the conductor’s pipes will be removed to not make any further impact on the environment, and only sometimes the conductor pipes will be left for the marine life to form artificial reefs. A certain segment of items from the platform can be reused for other upcoming projects and it has no use, it will be discarded onshore. Decommissioning, or in other terms abandonment is an upcoming industry that is still developing, even till today and it is expected to turn over billions in revenue. 

offshore oil rig

The requirements to decommissioning an offshore oil rig

Since decommissioning is a long and complicated process, it involves major engineering work. It demands a huge number of labor and workers to able to fully operate the platform. firstly, all the equipment and segments have to be discarded including the infrastructure components from the seabed.

The global oil and gas decommissioning market

Throughout the years, decommissioning has continuously developed into a bigger industry. Based on the research, just the North Sea by itself has around 170 oil installations, 10,000km of pipeline, and 5 thousand wells. Somehow, this manufacturing will reach the end of their operation thus necessitating the decommissioning. In the time period, there will be a gigantic change within the industry. Between 2016 and 2021 it’s assessed that around 600 seaward resources will be decommissioned universally.

The future of Offshore Decommissioning

The long run of offshore decommissioning is clearly not constrained to the Oil & Gas industry around the life expectancy of a wind turbine which is at 20 to 25 years. Natural impacts such as lightning strikes and disintegration guarantee that there will continuously be a time when the turbines require disassembling.

The 10 Stages During The Decommissioning Of An Offshore Oil Rig according to this article.

  1. Project management
  2. Engineering and strategies
  3. Authorization and manging agreement
  4. Composition of an oil platform
  5. Well plugging and abandonment
  6. Conductor removal
  7. Preparation and grounding of derrick barges
  8. Oil Platform removal
  9. Pipeline and power cable decommissioning
  10. Discarding materials and sites

Types of Jobs involve with offshore decommissioning

  • Civil engineers
  • Safety engineer
  • Project managers
  • Surveyors
  • Waste management consultant
  • Maritime engineers
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